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A View of Our Diaper Stash
Posted by JJ on 5/6/2011
Inevitably, while going through the cloth diaper talk at Comfy Bummy, I get some version of ďWhatís the topseller/best diaper?Ē  My response is that there are several moms working at Comfy Bummy and all of us use different systems to cloth diaper our children.  While this surprises most customers, Iím finding that more and more customers are taking a less traditional route to cloth diapering.

I consider our house nontraditional in our diapering because we have multiple brands and styles to meet different situations and needs.  When Blythe was born we used lots of prefolds and covers.  I loved the Thirsties covers with their double leg gussets and it was so inexpensive.  They were convenient and did a great job of absorbing but by the time Blythe was 4 months I was done with prefolds.  I wanted an easier option.  I had acquired several pockets and used a couple of different brands but wasnít in love with anything I had tried.  At 6 months I began working at Comfy Bummy and took the advice we give all of our families who want to try cloth.  I bought one of several different types of diapers.  This changed our entire diapering experience!  I can honestly say that Iíve tried everything in the store. Itís one of the perks of working there. I quickly realized there were brands that I loved and other brands that I was willing to pass on to friends to try when they just didnít work for us.

So hereís our stash:

I wish that I was always this organized but the reality is Iím often fishing for a matching insert and cover from the clean laundry basket.  When Blythe is home with my husband, she is normally in Grovia Shells with the Organic Soaker Pads.  He loves Grovia so I try to save those for him.  When we have a sitter I like to have a pocket diaper (Bum Genius or Fuzzi Bunz) or AIO (Grovia) because they are easy to use.  For night time we only use some form of hemp.  Our stash includes Baby Kicks organic fitted diapers and Bumbo Pockets, a Tots Bots with an extra hemp insert or the Thirsties Duo Diaper.  When Iím home I use hemp inserts or fitteds and Thirsties covers.  When we travel or
are dealing with the dreaded diaper rash, we use Grovia Biodiapers or BioSoakers.  I know that some families love one brand and buy an entire stash of one diaper style.

I love the flexibility of multiple diapering systems.  Each brand offers features or
colors and patterns that I want in our stash.  One of the great things about cloth diapers is
that there is something for every family.

Whether you try one brand or a dozen, itís worth finding the right brand for you and your little ones.

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