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Diapering Two Ways
Posted by Jennifer H on 6/13/2011
Hi! I’m Jennifer, a mom to two boys – a 4 year old and a 2 year old, with another baby due in a couple months. Cloth diapering has been a journey for me. There are many reasons people choose to cloth diaper, and I am discovering the longer I have cloth diapered, the more I am learning about cloth diapering and all the reasons to do it.

In 2006 as newly married, recent college graduates we were thrilled to be pregnant and
quickly buckled down to be able to afford life on one income so I could stay at home with our new baby.  A search of various parenting websites introduced me to cloth diapering. 
I talked with my husband, Scott, about the cost savings and he was quickly on-board.

After some advice from other cloth-diapering moms we registered for and received
Fuzzibunz Perfect Size Diapers in size small.  When Matthew came along we used disposables for the first few weeks until we felt comfortable switching to cloth. 
The Fuzzibunz fit really well and he looked so cute!  However, he was growing quickly and we realized that the small size wasn’t going to last very long and buying each
size could become expensive.  That’s when we found bumGenius One-Size Diapers.  I
instantly loved the idea of only buying one more set of diapers and my husband loved saving even MORE money!

Within 4 months Matthew was already 20 pounds, shaped like a little basketball and I
had to move the bumGenius diapers up to the large setting. I panicked, thinking I would need to buy another, bigger,  diaper to get him through potty-training. Thankfully, I had my online community of experienced cloth diapering moms to tell me that my child would
more than likely slim down before it came to that. They were right. Matthew wore the Bum Genius diapers up until he potty-trained at 3 years old. They were a diaper that held up well for him and they fit his chubby little thighs. At the time, both Scott and I were convinced Velcro was the way to go. We felt it helped us size the diaper more accurately and could easily be replaced. I also discovered the beauty of cloth wipes about halfway through the process.

When Matthew turned 1, we found out we were expecting our second baby, Mark. As the
months of my pregnancy quickly flew by and there was little hope of my first potty-training before my second was born, I realized that 14 diapers was just not going to work well with 2 babies. I looked into several other types and decided that I wanted to try out prefolds and covers this time around. They were inexpensive and made from cotton, so were good for my child’s skin and an all-natural fiber. My mother-in-law bought us 2 dozen Indian prefolds, 2 new born covers and 2 small covers. I was a little nervous as I began to prep them because Scott was not enthusiastic at all. His thinking is and always has been, “If it aint broke, don’t fix It,” and the Fuzzibunz worked well for us.

I enjoyed the prefolds and covers, but decided to continued my search. Grobaby (now called GroVia) had just announced their launch of their hybrid diaper and I found wonderful reviews about this diaper from testers. I was intrigued, and I loved the look and the colors of the diapers! Plus, being able to use the covers multiple times before throwing them in the wash mimicked what I loved most about using prefolds and covers, as well as the organic cotton being so gentle on the skin. Also, GroVia diapers appeared to mimic the pocket diapers I had and that made ease-of-use more positive and more enticing to my husband. I talked it over with Scott and we decided to go for it – I preordered our first
set of 4 covers with an additional 8 organic soaker pads. We’d now have 14 diapers for Matthew and 12 diapers for Mark.

Mark was built the exact opposite of Matthew – he was very petite and tiny. The GroVia diapers fit him very well, being a trimmer diaper and I loved being able to reuse the covers. Scott liked them as much as the Bum Genius and gave them two thumbs up.

About 4 months after we began using the GroVia diapers, Comfy Bummy opened up in Naperville. As soon as I heard the news, Scott and I ran over to check it out. We bought one more diaper cover and organic soaker. I was excited to find a place where I could go if I ever wanted to check out more diapers and get advice. Because our primary reason for cloth diapering was to save money, I held back the temptation to buy more and different diapers at the time.

Matthew potty-trained right after he turned three and Mark potty-trained less than a year later. They both still wear diapers at night and since I have begun working for Comfy Bummy, I have been able to try out new diapers with them that I am finding I like equally or better than the types/brands I’ve owned in the past. I have discovered more things such as hemp and bamboo and as a seasoned cloth-diaperer would love to try diapering systems that used to overwhelm me like wool covers.

Since Scott has seen that we have saved thousands of dollars with our two kids already, and since our current diapers are in need of major repair, we’ve decided to add to our stash for this baby. I am excited at the prospect of trying out more and finding even better
diapers. I know there is no such thing as the perfect diaper, but I am also seeing that there’s a benefit to not having just one single system, especially when I have a husband who prefers “less work” diapers (aka pockets/AIOs), a grandma who prefers the ease of a disposable (GroVia Biosoakers, here we come!) when she watches my kids 2-3 days a week, and I am becoming more brave and more educated. I plan to cloth diaper when we travel from now on and now that I’ve had two drastically differently-shaped children, I’m seeing the benefit to having a variety as my future children go through various growth stages. Like I said before, cloth diapering is a journey for me and I’m loving (almost) every
step of the way!

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