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My All-Time Favorite Diaper
Posted by Jennifer H on 6/29/2011
I have tried prefolds and PUL covers, pockets, hybrids, fitteds, and all-in-ones. I have done side-snapping,front-snapping and Aplix. I have used sized and one-size. I have tried micro-fiber, bamboo, cotton, hemp and disposable. All diapers have their pros and cons.  As I thought about what my favorite diaper is, I felt, in order to do an all-time favorite diaper justice, I needed to look at the diapers that I just used over and over, so I could thoroughly weigh the pros and cons.

So, here it is (insert drum roll, please)…

My all-time favorite diaper is the GroVia hybrid diaper! GroVia has come a long way since it began almost two years ago. Their original diaper is very similar but improvements were made based on customer feedback.  That is one super big plus in my book. When I began diapering my second son, GroVia (then Grobaby) had just announced its launch and the diaper was not even available to order. Testers had nothing but great things to say
about the diaper, so I jumped on the bandwagon.  I bought 4 covers ( hook-n-loop was the only option at the time) and 12 organic cotton soakers and boosters.

I’ve used them for almost 2 years, primarily for my younger son from about 3 months until almost 2 years. I used them occasionally on my older son as well. And now my sister-in-law and godson are going to use them! They are first going through a snap-conversion, which GroVia will do for a very small fee. I loved them and I plan to buy a whole new set. Why, you ask?

  • They are a great diaper.
  • They come in the cutest patterns and colors. Kiwi is by far my favorite solid color (I am a fan of bold colors) and the owls are my favorite pattern. I just bought an all-in-one that they now sell to try out and my 2 year old, who’s still wearing
    diapers at night, always asks for his “owl diaper.”
  • They are made out of a great waterproof material that is still so soft both inside and out.
  • The elastic is great.
  • I love that it currently comes in a hook-n-loop and a snap option.
  • It has a Great disposable option!  It holds in everything still and fits so nicely in the cover. I plan to use those when travelling or when my mom is babysitting from now on.
  • They are also easy to use (that would be my husband’s main pro for this diaper).

Cons? There are a few.

  • They can be a little bit bulky at the smallest setting. It doesn’t bother me, but pants are not always the easiest to get over the diaper at that size.
  • My original soakers did not have the waterproof backing, so I needed to throw the covers in the wash more often. (But not really a con, since there is waterproofing on the back now.)
  • the hook-n-loop Velcro shouldn’t be thrown in the dryer. We did not go with
    the recommendation to air-dry the covers. We figured it was just a
    recommendation and since I am impatient AND a procrastinator, more often than
    not I needed those covers ASAP or I’d have a naked child. So, in the dryer they
    went and the Velcro curled out and no longer stuck. It was a pain, but it was
    also our fault. I found out through Laura, owner of Comfy Bummy, that you could
    contact GroVia and they did snap conversions.
  • If you have a child who is super sensitive to moisture, since it’s cotton, it won’t wick moisture away like micro-fiber or a pocket would do.

All in all, I definitely feel the pros outweigh the cons tenfold, especially since GroVia had solved many of our issues, some of which I did not mention because they fixed them and are no longer an issue. I highly recommend this diaper, but also keep in mind that every baby is different and every parent is different.

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