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Life as a Cloth Diapering Mom
Posted by Guest Blogger Diana Torres Hawken on 9/17/2011

I didn’t mean to be a cloth diapering mom. I kind of fell into it in the same way I became a proponent of other things such as natural birth, breastfeeding, baby-wearing and co-sleeping…these lifestyle choices just made sense.

My All-Time Favorite Diaper
Posted by Jennifer H on 6/29/2011
I have tried prefolds and PUL covers, pockets, hybrids, fitteds, and all-in-ones. I have done side-snapping,front-snapping and Aplix. I have used sized and one-size. I have tried micro-fiber, bamboo, cotton, hemp and disposable.
Diapering Two Ways
Posted by Jennifer H on 6/13/2011
Hi! I’m Jennifer, a mom to two boys – a 4 year old and a 2 year old, with another baby due in a couple months. Cloth diapering has been a journey for me. There are many reasons people choose to cloth diaper, and I am discovering the longer I have cloth diapered, the more I am learning about cloth diapering and all the reasons to do it.
The Great Bamboozle Review and Giveaway
Posted by JJ on 6/2/2011
If you have ever visited or called the store about nighttime leaking, you’ve probably heard me ramble on and on about nighttime diapers. My precious Peanut is one heavy wetter. Early on we began having nighttime leaks so I made a beeline to Comfy Bummy! I was educated about natural fibers and how they are so much more absorbent than any man made material.
A View of Our Diaper Stash
Posted by JJ on 5/6/2011
Inevitably, while going through the cloth diaper talk at Comfy Bummy, I get some version of “What’s the topseller/best diaper?”  My response is that there are several moms working at Comfy Bummy and all of us use different systems to cloth diaper our children.  While this surprises most customers, I’m finding that more and more customers are taking a less traditional route to cloth diapering.

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