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The Great Bamboozle Review and Giveaway
Posted by JJ on 6/2/2011
If you have ever visited or called the store about nighttime leaking, youíve probably heard me ramble on and on about nighttime diapers. My precious Peanut is one heavy wetter. Early on we began having nighttime leaks so I made a beeline to Comfy Bummy! I was educated about natural fibers and how they are so much more absorbent than any man made material.

Iíd be the first to admit that I was skeptical. The first thing I tried was hemp inserts.
They were so thin! I was amazed at their absorbency. Although I was happy with
the inserts, I quickly began a quest to find the perfect nighttime diaper.

As we all know, a ďperfectĒ diaper may be a myth but my newest go-to nighttime
diaper is the closest thing Iíve found to perfect. When our Bummis rep asked me to
try a Bamboozle Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper I was intrigued. I was already head over
heels for the Tots Bots Easy Fit. They had become my go-to nighttime diaper and I
could not imagine that there was something better out there.

As soon as I got my hands on the Bamboozle I was smitten. Itís super trim,
luxuriously soft, and oh so cute! Again, I was skeptical. Iím a snaps girl and the
Bamboozle only comes in Velcro. Itís so thin that I doubted it could be as absorbent
as I needed. (I had always used an extra hemp insert with an Easy Fit.) It is made of
bamboo, which was a new fiber to me, but I loved that itís a renewable resource that
is quickly replenished.

With my Bamboozle washed, I diapered Peanut and put her to bed. I fully expected
that I would wake in the night with a soaked baby. To my surprise she awoke completely dry!

Besides being trim and super absorbent, it is the softest diaper in my stash. Iíve
washed it a dozen times already and it stays remarkable soft. We even have
incredibly hard water. The Velcro is top notch and Iíve seen no signs of wear and
tear. The Bamboozle comes in 2 sizes, which provides a great fit for you child, no
matter what their age. Like all Tots Bots, itís Oeko-Tex certified to give parents
peace of mind.

If you are looking for a great nighttime diapering option the Bamboozle is a great
choice! Stop in the store. Iíd love to tell you all about it.

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