Coleman Kids’ Quad Chair – Companion in Family Outdoor Adventures


Create beautiful memories with your little ones and head out for a trip!

Backpacking is no easy task, but there are moments that make the hard work worthwhile. The sense of accomplishment you feel when you reach your destination after a day’s hike is unrivalled.

You finally get to kick back and enjoy the beautiful environment around you, knowing that your journey was not made in vain. After all, it is a perfect opportunity for kids to get to see nature! So what do you say we make those moments that much better?

Start your backpacking adventure off right with the Coleman Kids Quad Chair as you scout out a place to set up camp and enjoy a nice meal. Sit down and relax in this cute and comfy chair. Your kids will love having their very own seat where they can sit next to you as you take in the view. Once they are done, just fold up this chair and let them carry it to your next campsite using the attached handle.

Never again will you have to sit uncomfortably on the hard ground or sleep in a tiny tent when there is an entire forest of trees to set up camp under.

Why choose Coleman kids quad chair

When backpacking, hiking, or camping in the wilds, a solid chair is one of the most important tools you need. Outdoor furniture sets are a great way to provide comfortable seating for friends and family while camping, picnicking or simply relaxing in your backyard.

But why should you choose Coleman kids quad chair among all the other outdoor chairs on the market?

Not all outdoor furniture sets are created equal. Some items must be chosen with some special consideration to get the very best value and performance from them. The Coleman Kids Quad Chair is one of those items.

Comfortable seating is certainly lovely, but when you are in the outdoor markets for an outdoor furniture set, it’s much better if your choice happens to be both comfortable AND affordable.

The Coleman Kids Quad Chair may not look like much when you first take a peek at it but don’t let its rather dull appearance fool you. This little chair packs a great value, and your kids will thank you when they get to spend their time in it!

About Coleman kids quad chair

The Coleman Kids Quad Chair is just the right size for children aged 3 and up to sit down and be comfortable.

The chair is made from durable polyester fabric and has a steel frame that can hold up to 160 pounds. It also comes with armrests and cup holders along the front edge, so you won’t have to worry about your kids spilling their drinks while they’re carrying them.

The best part of all is the price, which makes it one of the most affordable pieces of outdoor furniture you will ever come across. And did we mention that it’s pretty comfortable too?

If you are looking for some new affordable outdoor furniture options to add to your current collection or if you simply want to start a new one, then the Coleman Kids Quad Chair is undoubtedly worth taking a long look at. You really can’t go wrong when you start with this inexpensive foundation!

Additionally, you can use it back at home too. It will make for a very welcome seat to place in the family room, and your kids will love using it during movie nights and video game marathons!

The Coleman Kids Quad Chair is one of those pieces you never knew you needed until seeing how well it works.