How To Refinish a Kids’ Rocking Chair


Rocking chair refinishing is a great way to give new life to an old piece of furniture. The most common type of wood used in American furniture is oak and maple. Rockers are also available in cherry, pine, maple, and cedar. Do your research before leaving the store. You want to find a style that will look good in your home and match your needs.

After choosing the right style, you need to decide if you will refinish it yourself or pay someone else. Either option has its pros and cons.

When you choose to refinish the chair yourself, you have complete control over how it turns out. You can make it exactly as you want and there won’t be any surprises when you get it back. The downside is that the process can be time-consuming and tedious.

If you hire someone to refinish your chair, they will do the work for you. This is one of the most accessible options when choosing how to refinish a rocking chair. The downside is that you don’t know exactly how the finished product will look.

Step 1: Prepare The Rocking Chair

Before refinishing your rocking chair, make sure it’s clean and free of dirt or other damage. Repair any broken pieces if needed. If you break the piece down into different components, remove all parts, including arms, seats, backs, etc.

Step 2: Sanding the Rocking Chair

Depending on how you want your finished rocking chair to look, sand it. If you are painting the rocker, then sand it down to bare wood so the paint will stick. If you are not painting it, use fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out any surface scratches. After sanding it down, use a tack cloth to remove any dust.

Step 3: Waxing the Rocking Chair

After sanding or completely stripping your rocker, you can apply wax. This will help smooth out any rough patches and give the wood a nice shine. Use an electric sander with 120-grit paper to strip the chair if you are not satisfied with the results from sanding. Use a tack cloth to remove any dust particles before beginning this process.

Once you have stripped the chair, use auto wax and a clean cloth to apply the wax in a circular motion. Scuff up surfaces with fine-grit sandpaper if they appear shiny or smooth. This will give the wax something to grip.

Step 4: Apply Stain To Rocking Chair

When you are ready to apply stain, make sure that your work area is well-ventilated and free of anything that could be affected by paint or sealant. Make sure your clothes are clean before applying stains, too. Wipe the stain on and wipe it off immediately. Repeat this process several times to get the desired look.

Step 5: Apply a Clear Coat

When you are satisfied with the appearance of your rocker, apply a clear coat and buff it out to shine and protect the finish. You can also take this time to refinish or repair any nicks, scratches, or other damage.

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