Comfy Chairs for Paw Patrol fans


Paw Patrol fans are living the dream. They have their heroes to look up to, dream about going on daring adventures with. If there’s any reason your kids want to watch the show, it’s probably because they like how cool, heroic, and skilled these pups are.

Every pup has its own unique talents and skills, which allows them to work together as a team, but that doesn’t mean that each one is equal. Some of them are clearly more capable and talented than others, and some of them make the best pups for kids to imitate.

If you’re looking for a Paw Patrol toy or gift for a fan of the show, this guide from is just what you need to discover which pup makes the perfect pick. We’ve broken down each character based on their personalities, talents, and skills to give you a better idea of which one may resonate with your child the most.

Let’s start with Chase, who is brave and daring!

#1: Chase

Chase is clearly the bravest pup on Paw Patrol, as he likes to say himself. This police pup is always ready for an adventure and will do anything to help his friends.

He’s the one who always takes on the big challenges, like stopping robbers or rescuing people in danger. If you’re looking for an excellent example of bravery, this pup is your best bet. With all the times he has come to rescue Ryder and his team, he is always ready for anything.

This pup is also skilled in sports, which is another reason kids would look up to him. He loves playing fetch and catching Frisbees, but he’s also the best at soccer because of his speed and endurance. Kids love watching Chase play any game or sport because he always shows true heart and determination.

Another reason he is such a good role model for kids is because of his cool car. It may not be as flashy or sleek as some of his colleagues, but this pup knows how to drive it. With his police lights and sirens, no bad guy would dare challenge him on the road! He’s also responsible enough to keep it clean and safe, something kids can learn from too.

If your child loves Chase and needs comfortable addition to the playroom, then there’s no better gift out there than this Delta Children Figural Upholstered Kids Chair.

It’s an adorable replica of the pup that your kid will love. Their favourite character is also their favorite chair!

#2: Marshall

Marshall is a gentle giant, which makes him kind and loving. Kids will quickly learn his soft side while watching Paw Patrol because he always has time for his friends, especially if they need help. He can quickly turn into a fierce protector if he needs to though, but only when his team is in trouble.

This pup lives for the wintertime because it lets him do one of his favorite things: make snowmen. Your little ones would love doing this with Marshall, especially if they don’t like the heat too much.

With all the hard work he does, Marshall likes to take it easy when possible so that he can have fun playing games or going on walks. This pup is also super friendly to everyone he meets, which is another trait that kids appreciate.

There’s no better gift out there than this Marshall Jumbo Folding Plush Pillow. It’s soft to the touch and your child will love cuddling up with it!

#3: Rubble

Rubble is a very curious pup, so a Paw Patrol fan would probably have two things on their mind while watching him: exploring and digging. This pup likes to build something out of whatever he can find in his path, which makes him an excellent role model for kids who also like to play with building blocks.

He’s the pup who always has his nose to the ground, which is why he gets into so much trouble sometimes. His antics would amuse kids, but they would also love taking on some of his traits.

One thing he loves doing, in particular, is excavating all the bones he can find. Surely kids would love to help him with this!

Rubble is also good at many sports, which makes him one of the more exciting pups to watch on Paw Patrol. He loves playing hockey and snowboarding in particular, much like Chase does when he’s not saving the day.

As for his vehicle, Rubble can’t get enough of it. He loves this thing more than any other pup because that’s where he unleashes all of his digging skills.

If your child loves Rubble, then you can give them Paw Patrol Rubble Fleece Blanket. It’s perfect for cuddling up while watching Paw Patrol! It can also transform any kids couch into a Paw Patrol gadget.

#4: Zuma

Zuma loves three things in particular: racing, swimming, and beating everyone at anything. This pup has a competitive streak, which makes him super interesting to watch.

Kids would love tapping into Zuma’s competitive nature through playing sports like soccer and tag with their friends. They can also try doing things like swimming or exploring the ocean if they want to emulate this pup.

Many Paw Patrol fans would also love getting to explore with Zuma. This pup has been everywhere from Antarctica to Japan, so he has a lot of interesting anecdotes to tell. Kids would also love getting into all that kind of exploration with him.

The coolest present for kids who love Zuma is Delta Children Upholstered Chair. It’s very comfortable for kids to sit on, and it has Paw Patrol designs that your child will love.

#5: Skye

Skye loves performing stunts, which is why she’s the most daring of all the Paw Patrol members. Kids would love to emulate this pup when they’re playing dress-up or doing other fun things.

She’s the only female pup among her friends, which means girls can learn a lot from watching Skye.

Her favourite activity is flying with her jetpack, which surely kids would love to try doing as well. Girls can also take some inspiration from Skye while portraying a firefighter or a spy when they are playing dress-up.

Besides being daring and getting into trouble, there’s another thing that kids love about Skye: she knows how to shoot a bow and arrow. If your children appreciate Skye from Paw Patrol you can start by taking them on an outdoor adventure. Jakks Pacific Paw Patrol Camp Chair for Kids is the perfect place to sit down and relax while admiring nature. And when it gets colder, Paw Patrol GO Skye Kid Fleece Blanket will be perfect for snuggling up!

Paw patrol activity bench for kids

If your little one has a lot of Paw Patrol toys already, the place to hold all of them would be a great gift.

Delta Children Chair Desk with Storage Bin is perfect for kids since it can be used as a desk and storage where they can keep all their toys. Kids would love the fact that they have their own little paw patrol base to work from!

Another fantastic addition to the kid’s room from Delta Children is the Convertible Activity Bench – perfect buy if you have limited space.

Kids would love this activity table because it’s a great place where they can sit and do their homework. Activity bench can be easily converted to kids sofa, perfect for watching Paw Patrol with friends! Two fabric bins are located under the sitting area, great for storage of toys or snacks!


And with that, you’re all set! While not every kid is into Paw Patrol, this list should be able to help guide parents when looking for the perfect gifts.

I hope that you found something in these choices that might be suitable for your kids. Good luck with your shopping!