The Best Throne Chairs for Kids

The word “throne” for many people worldwide conjures up images of a very royal and regal looking chair. But, when you picture a throne, it’s not just limited to kings and emperors who can sit in such a chair. In our days, people from all walks of life take their time out and relax with a pleasant and comfortable throne chair. Throne chairs are great for those who like to be pampered and catered to (your kids), as these chairs offer your kids ultimate comfort and luxury that you can’t find in other types of chairs out there.

In this article, we will tell you what to look for in a throne chair for kids and give you two recommended throne chairs for kids, so you can be sure about what to get your kids for their birthdays or the holiday season. We’ll also tell you why a throne chair is so much better than an ordinary armchair and even go over some of the pros and cons of such chairs.

What to Look for in a Throne Chair for Kids

The first thing you’ll need to do is go out and look for a place where you can get your hands on one of these chairs. Many places sell them, but the best places are usually upscale furniture stores or The Comfy Bummy has partnered up with Amazon due to its excellent selection of comfortable chairs for kids, including throne chairs.

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Once you’ve checked out your options, the next step is to narrow down what you are looking for. Do you want a chair that’s plush and soft or one that is firm but supportive? You’ll also need to look at how much assembly the unit requires since most throne chairs for kids require some kind of set-up before you can use them.

Finally, you’ll also want to consider your kid’s overall preferences and inclinations. Does he like the way red looks? Does she prefer a chair with soft cushioning or one that is firm? These are all questions you will need to ask yourself before you make any buying decisions.

Throne Chairs for Kids – Why You Need One

Throne chairs for kids are an absolute necessity for any household with a kid who loves to sit back and relax. When other kids are busy playing with remote-controlled cars, your kid can be relaxing in their throne chair, reading a book or simply just looking at the wall.

Don’t let other parents brag that their kid has more toys than yours. Get your kid a throne chair of their own so that they can relax when they want to.

There are many different chairs out there that you can get for your kids, but nothing else is as comfortable and relaxing as the throne chair. Your kids will love these chairs because they are just the type of chair they were made to sit in. Throne chairs for kids come with all sorts of bells and whistles, but only you can decide what your kid needs or wants.

Two Recommended Throne Chairs for Kids

With so many different types of throne chairs on the market today, it’s hard to pick just one type and stick with it. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down to two types of chairs that we think kids will love for different reasons.

Recommendation 1: Wildkin Kids Princess Wooden Bench Seat With Storage

Kids love having something they can call their very own, and with the Wildkin Kids Princess Wooden Bench Seat With Storage chair, this is possible. This kids’ bench seat comes with two special storage compartments where your kid can store away things like toys or other items that they don’t want to lose. The seat itself has a unique design that looks like it’s covered in jewels, making this an excellent chair for little princesses who want to feel like royalty.


  • The beautiful design will make your little girl feel royal, which is vital for proper child development.
  • It comes with two special storage compartments where your daughter can store her favorite things.
  • Both the seat and storage compartments are made from quality materials that will last for years to come.


  • The storage compartments may be a bit small for some items, including books.

Kids who want a throne chair that looks like it’s out of a fairy tale will love this chair. This is an affordable option that will make your kids feel like royalty.

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Recommendation 2: Melissa & Doug Pink Faux Leather Child’s Crown-Back Armchair

Kids who want a throne chair that gives them the appearance of being grown-up will love this one. The Melissa & Doug Pink Faux Leather Child’s Crown-Back Armchair is exactly what it sounds like: a real-sized adult-like armchair for kids to use whenever they feel treated like an adult. It comes with a soft faux leather cushioning that offers your kid the best level of comfort possible.


  • The cushioning feels soft and comfortable against your kid’s skin.
  • It gives kids the appearance that they have been treated like adults, which can be essential for proper child development.
  • It offers a simple yet elegant design that will go with any décor in your home.


  • The armrest may be a bit short for some kids, depending on how big or small they are.

Kids will love this chair because it makes them feel like they have been treated as an adult for once in their lives. This is an excellent option if you want your kid to grow up faster than other kids his age.

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How To Clean Kids’ Throne Chairs

If your kid has a throne chair in their room, you want to make sure it stays clean. Throne chairs are no different from other regular furniture pieces in this aspect, which means the only way to keep your kids’ throne chair clean is by using a normal cleaning routine.

There’s more than one way of cleaning your kids’ throne chairs, but there is a sure way we would recommend:

  1. Dust the chair and wipe it with a dry cloth to remove any excess dust or dirt.
  2. Mix water and soap in a bucket.
  3. Use a sponge to apply the soapy mixture onto the seat cushion of your kid’s throne chair. Be sure not to miss out on the armrests and the backrest.
  4. Allow the soapy mixture to stay on your kid’s throne chair for a couple of minutes before using a dry cloth to wipe it off.
  5. Use a clean sponge and apply some powder-based cleaning solution (e.g., baking soda) onto the seat cushion, armrests, and backrest.
  6. Rinse the sponge and wipe away the powder-based cleaning solution using a dry cloth.
  7. Wipe away any soapy residue left on your kid’s throne chair with a dry cloth.