When do kids stop using the high chair?


It is not a matter of age, but instead, it’s about whether they can sit up or support themselves.

The average child stops using a high chair around four years old. You can start removing the high chair around 3 to 4 years old if their development shows they are ready for it. If you see that your little have difficulties holding balance while seating, you can consider using a high chair for another year.

When your child can sit at the table without assistance, it is time to introduce them to low chairs or booster seats that they can use independently. You might also want to try a chair with arms (to hold them in place) or a cushioned seat.

How to upgrade from a high chair to a chair?

The platform to sit in a high chair is around 20 inches from the ground. When your child can sit on a regular chair, use a stool or small bench under their feet so they can push themselves up and feel secure while sitting.

Find out what can you use to make progression easy, and what our recommended picks are:

A booster seat

A booster seat will help your child to sit comfortably in a regular chair. If you want to use a booster seat, you need to buy one that will fit the size of your dining chairs.

Prices of booster seats vary from around 20 to a little over 40 dollars, and there are multiple models available on the market. However, if you want to get the best booster seat, focus on one of those:

A chair with arms

This type of chair will give the child a feeling of security while giving them enough space to move their legs about to get in and out of the seat. If your child still doesn’t have good control over their muscles, sit down next to them, so they feel secure when getting up or down.

Examples of a chair with arms that will also work for kids:

A chair with a higher back

Your kids will feel more secure in this type of chair because it provides better support and keeps them from sliding out.

A padded seat

A chair with a padded seat is comfortable and allows the child to sit comfortably for more extended periods without discomfort or fatigue setting in (Make sure to wipe off spills right away).

Apart from a lot of items mentioned above, another few best chairs for little kids are:

A stool

This is useful if your child has difficulty sitting in a low chair, but you should always be close by to help them get in and out of the seat because it can be unstable.

Best stools for kids:

A bench

It’s very similar to the stool are less likely to tip over but have no back to give them support. In addition, a lot of those can work also as toy storage!

As we can see, the high chair is useful for a very short time. When you want to transition your child to a low chair or a seat on their own, consider giving them one of those items mentioned above so they will feel more secure and comfortable during meal times!