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Comfy Bummy Weekly Q&A
Posted by Laura Smith on 9/2/2012
What is Comfy Bummy Q & A ?
Comfy Bummy wants to assist anyone that has a question about Cloth Diapering...
We will select a question we receive from a customer to post and answer each week!  If you are the lucky customer selected, you will receive 100 bonus Comfy Cash!  So start sending the questions!
Angie Scavnicar Date 9/22/2012 8:59:00 PM
I use prefolds with my 5 week old daughter, she has been blowing out of them (the cover is containing it but the prefold is not). I have been folding them using the twist as i heard it was good for girls. If I fold them in thirds will it help or is it typical for the prefold to leak but the cover keeps it in. Thanks!
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