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Savings Calculator

Cloth Diaper vs Disposable Diaper Cost Comparison

Savings Calculator

Amount you would normally spend on
disposable diapers per month:
How much is the entire cloth diapering
layette that you are wanting to purchase?
How many times would you wash your
cloth diapers each week?:
Amount spent per washing and drying
your cloth diapers:
Yearly Amount you would spend on
Total disposable cost if your child is potty
trained by 3 years old:
Total amount spent on washing diapers
Total cost of using cloth diapers:$
You will save this amount by using cloth
diapers over disposables:
Future value of your savings: $

*Above we used the price of $439.50 for Chinese Prefolds
and Bummis Diaper Covers. Remember you will be using
the prefolds again for your next child (and possibly some of the covers too).
Using the diapers again for your next child applies to any style diaper you would choose. But go ahead
and make calculations of your savings on more expensive cloth diapers, keeping in mind that you will
most likely use them on your next child.

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